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Children and Firearms:: A Guide to Training your children to safely use firearms

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A Guide to Training your children to safely use firearms.


" great work! You are correct that t will be controversial in some sectors, but I think you spoke the truth to working with kids and guns, especially in environments that can be potentially hostile."Dave Spaulding
Handgun Combatives LLC


My friend Gerald has done it again – a very readable and user-friendly book.
This time he is not dealing with how to protect your children ‘from’ firearms, but rather, how to ‘train’ your children to use firearms safely.
The best memories of my childhood are playing ‘guns’ with the other kids, imitating US SWAT teams and cowboys like Shane, John Wayne and the men of Little House on the Prairie.

For us, those toy guns were a symbol of brave men: fighting against incredible odds to resist tyranny, preserving freedom and protecting their families. These days, both real and toy guns have become politically incorrect. Some Christians appear to have adopted the pagan fallacy of animism (extremely prominent here in Africa). This belief ascribes a soul to everything, even inanimate objects, and grants supernatural power to such objects. It claims that evil lurks in things (guns), rather than people. Demonizing inanimate objects (guns) makes no sense! Guns can be used for good or evil. The heart of the handler is what makes the difference.

Therefore demonizing guns, even toy ones, gives the antis some feeling of power. Ban guns and hey presto, you banish the evil. People today fear firearms of any sort because they rightly fear the consequences of living in a godless society. Modern citizens reject God and His law and then are horrified that their children grow up to become consistent with what has been hammered into them over thirteen years at the State propaganda mills. The children have been taught that there is no truth, no objective standard of justice, that they are just an evolved animal, that there are no absolutes and that guns are evil.

Gerald takes the bull by the horns and encourages us to spend time with our children – quantity, not just quality. We must be proactive in their lives and not delegate their rearing to the nanny state, schools, the television set or video-games and then wonder why some of them turn out to be undisciplined or even worse, criminals. Consider me overexcited, but I believe that if you take the time and put into practice what you learn in this book, your family’s Christian faith will be encouraged, your children’s moral standing and integrity will be enhanced, and their addiction to screens might just be cured.

We should desire that our children are insistent against injustice, adventurous in their lives and we should instill in them a hatred for evil and a deep desire to fight it.

After my great childhood battles, I have used my firearm on two occasions to protect the lives of innocent people when we were attacked by armed thugs.

Let's raise responsible children who will become responsible adults and protect their families and freedoms. “Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.” Psalm 82:4

This excellent book will equip you to do just that!
Charl van Wyk
Author – Shooting Back – The Right and Duty of Self-Defense