Laserspeed PEQ Box Green Laser / 225 L Light Laser speed-FX-4 gives you that extra edge needed for mission success. It is equipped with Visible G.. Product #: LS-CL4-G Regular price: R4.150,00 R4.150,00 2

PEQ Box Green Laser / 225 L Light

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Price: R4.150,00

Laser speed-FX-4 gives you that extra edge needed for mission success. It is equipped with Visible Green laser sighting and infrared laser systems that allow you to quickly and accurately lock on a target in seconds.

FX-4 series is a durable high-quality PEQ box for all long rifle systems that have 20mm Picatinny rail systems. It will stand up to both hot and sub-freezing temperatures. Moreover, it can withstand the recoil of high caliber rifles and automatic weapons. It is made of highly durable aircraft aluminum and is highly water resistant. The windage and elevation adjustments for the IR and Visible lasers are efficiently controlled by one mechanism saving valuable time.


Only available in BLACK



● Multi-functional laser sight and 225 lumens light combo. Light with strobe function.
● Mounted on a Picatinny or a weaver rail, either in front of a riflescope without interference with field-of-view or
     on the side of the quad rail.
● Equipped with push button and pressure pad operation.
● Hand adjustable windage and elevation turrets permit the user to zero in the laser dot for close-range shooting.
● 100% comply with US FDA performance standards for class IIIa laser products.
● Shock, impact and resistant to 500g's of recoil.
● Dust proof and water resistant.
● High-strength aerospace aluminum with Mil-Spec anodizing

● Laser Wavelength:532nm
● Laser Output Power:<5mw
● Laser Beam Divergence:0.06°(1.047 mrad.)
● Laser Spot Size:30-40mm @ 30 m
● Laser Operating Temp.: -10℃ to +55℃
● Maximum Output of Flashlight: Up to 225 lumens
● Laser sight battery Runtime: 13.5 hours
● Dimensions: 97 x 74 x 46 mm ; L / W / H
● Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy, 6061-T6
● Net Weight: 278.4g (9.8 oz)
● Battery Type: CR123A Lithium Battery, 2pcs. (not included)