AR10 .308 Extended Tanker Style Muzzle Brake

Sales price R 950,00

1.Unique custom tactical design dramatically reduces felt recoil

2.45 Degree rearward angle produces an Anti-Recoil effect helping to stabilize the rifle with every shot

3.Vertical ports provide a genuine reduction in muzzle rise

4.This allows the shooter's sights to remain on target or be realigned quickly, providing faster, more accurate follow-up shots

5.Steel Jam Nut included

6.Material: Mil-Spec Aluminum

7.Weight: 3.5 oz.

8.Length: 3.9375"

9.Width: 1.5"

10.Height: 1"

11.Features:10 ports for linear and climb recoil reduction

12.Mil-spec Parkerized Black Finish

13.5/8"x24 Pitch Thread.


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