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Rifle Gunfighting Ultimate AR

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Rifle confrontations worldwide rarely exceed 25 yards. Rather than a long range marksman's weapon, our research shows the rifle will most likely be used just outside the reach of more conventional weapons, as well as within these closer intervals of confrontation.
Students attending will lay a firm foundation onto which they can build more tactically sound techniques for realworld applications found in our Rifle Gunfighting 2 class. This is an AR class, not a R Series /  Galil or AK class. Pls note this

This exciting course includes:
    •    Preparing your rifle, Cleaning Lubrication Tip and Tricks to run your AR Successfully.
    •    Essential Gear
    •    Loading / Unloading
    •    Shooting stances / positions in detail
    •    Sling use
    •    Essential Foundations
    •    Carry positions
    •    Bio-mechanics, (you and your rifle) Shooting for success

DURATION:             1 day

TIME:                      9:00AM to 5:00PM

AMMUNITION:       Approximately 200 rounds (Minimum)


Spare clothing appropriate to the weather. Lunch, snacks and water (minimum of 3 L per person) for the entire day. Baseball or other style hat, sun screen, bug repellent, allergy medication (if needed), chair (if you have a problem with sitting on the ground, note taking paper/pen/pencil and a boo boo kit (band aids, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment and tape).

Rifle (any action or caliber suitable for use within 50 yards), all weapons must be equipped with a sling, also bring a pistol with at least (2) magazines, a belt, holster, magazine pouches, rifle ammo pouches, and ear & eye protection (knee and elbow pads are strongly suggested).


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