Tactical Intervention Belt 02S

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If you are a professional who demands the very best in a belt to carry your tactical gear, you will appreciate the extra strength and durability built into our high quality belt for professionals, the Tactical Intervention Belt 02s.

You can carry all the heavy equipment you need with the TIB 02s without any worries that the belt will buckle under the weight. We have added an additional stiffener within the two outer webbing layers of the belt so that it holds up under the most demanding loads.

The extra strong construction wears like iron, providing you with years of dependable, trouble free use.

You also get our standard triple retention security design, so you know that the belt will stay fastened and won't let go.

When you need a professional strength belt that holds up under the heaviest loads and the most demanding situations, demand the original Tactical Intervention Belt 02S.

In 16 years we have never had a belt broken !

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