Si SA L-Mount CZ Shield RMS

Sales price R 2750,00

Originally titled "Project X", this unit is intended for those wanting the benefits of the co-witnessed red dot, but either not being authorized to modify a "company gun", desiring to leave their original slide intact, or for those not being in a position to afford our Custom Match Slides.

The unit is tall enough to clear most suppressors and there are no modifications required to your slide.  It mounts in the factory rear sight dovetail just like a traditional rear sight, but an additional contact point using the rear slide cover plate is created, giving an extremely solid and immovable base. Unlike other more costly products, the CZ Shadow / PO7/9 pistol Mount allows the iron sights to be zeroed to coincide with the red dot.  This last is of essential importance because unless you have two points of adjustment, you will not get the essential co-witnessing of the sights and red dot.

  • CNC Machined bar stock steel
  • Matte finished black
  • Sights included
  • Much more robust and secure than MOS
  • Optimal mounting height for suppressors
  • Suarez International South Africa Custom Holster available
  • Fits CZ Shadow / PO7/9 pistol


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