About Us

We are the Southern Africa affiliate of the leading firearm instructor brand Suarez International.

Suarez International is dedicated to the modern excellence-seeking martial enthusiast. we focus on the most up to date weapons, tactics, technology, and training methods available today. Not limited to merely "guns", we include articles on international adventure travel, extreme physical training, and living well in the modern world.


Our classes are focused on realworld civilian life. Not civilians trying to do military. This never works out. We teach day to day life skills ontop of the solid structure of firearm ownership in a civilian world. No gucci training here.

Classes include.

  • Firearm fundamentals
  • Firearm intermediate / advanced
  • Structure Clearning
  • Dynamic Vehicle Class
  • Gun and Knife
  • Combatives and firearm
  • Low Light


Suarez International SA Head Instructor: Gerald Bailey


Trained under:

  • Peter G Kokalis
  • Gabe Suarez
  • Kelly Mccain
  • Dave Lamprecht
  • Geoff Carter
  • Arno barlo, (Kembetive Concepts)

Certified International Instructor , Suarez International, (www.suarezinterational.com)
Head of Suarez International South Africa.